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Our unique Zip'In system allows you to use your air vest on its own, or zip it into any of our specially designed jackets - Airshell Gilet (sleeveless vest), Airshell Blouson (sport jacket), and Airshell Show Jacket.
Once triggered, the air vests inflate in less than 0.1sec - ensuring protection for your neck, spine, pelvis, and internal organs.

Leading edge technology, in a very stylish and comfortable design.

*** This website is for New Zealand customers only ***

The Zip'In Concept

Why Use an Air Vest?

ACC states that horse riding in New Zealand is one of the most dangerous sport kiwis undertake on a regular basis. Wearing an air vest will greatly improve your chances of walking away from a bad fall with minimal damage to yourself.

In the event of a fall, the unique shape of our airbags offers optimal and complete protection of the vital areas: spinal column, kidneys, thorax and hips. The vests compress the trunk for better resistance to hyper-extension, and stabilise the head and neck.

Our airbags also provide trunk stiffening to stabilise and protect internal organs such as the lungs, spleen, pancreas, abdomen, stomach and liver.

Zip’In technology: the vest is compatible with the airbag liners Zip’In 1 and 2. The airbag is integrated within a few seconds into the outers thanks to the zip and hence becomes invisible.

Important Facts to Know

Big protection volume: Helite air vests fully inflate in less than 0.1 seconds to a massive volume with optimal pressure. The big protection volume (between 14 and 28 L depending on the size of the airbag) prevents serious injuries. The unique shape of the airbag absorbs shocks and stabilises the body from head to tailbone.

Mechanical system: a reliable, simple and robust system. Simply hook the lanyard of the airbag vest to the saddle using the saddle strap. The airbag inflates when the lanyard is pulled off with a minimum of 30kg pressure.

Reusable: fast and easy reconditioning of the system by the rider. You simply replace the used CO2 cartridge by a new one of the same capacity - done in 2 minutes.

Certification and Warranty

Helite products are all designed and manufactured in France.

Airbag CE certified: Our airbag systems are CE certified by the ALIENOR CERTIFICATION laboratory in France, a recognised and independent institute that certifies Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for equestrian riders.

Warranty: ​Register*** your airbag to extend the limited 2 year warranty to a 4 year warranty.

***Go to my.helite.com to extend your warranty.

Stay Safe While Looking Great!

Helite Equestrian offers a wide range of equestrian airbag systems to protect all riders. Whether in cross-country, eventing, show jumping, in training or competition, our airbags are suitable for all practices.

Helite airbags offer optimal protection in case of a fall. Fully inflating in less than 0.1sec, your chances of a severe injury are greatly reduced.

Designed and made in France. 4 year Full Warranty.

*** This website is for New Zealand customers only ***

For any enquiries please contact Jackie at admin@equestrianairvests.co.nz

or ph 027 442 9279

I was recommended a Helite vest by a friend after having a fractured L1 and then a
fractured left sacral ala. Today I found out just how good they are. The buck I received was enough to send me catapulting through the air to land on what felt like a cushion. I totally believe that without the vest I would have ended up in the hospital or worse. Instead I have a fat lip and just feel a bit stiff. For anyone contemplating a vest I would say just do it. I won't ever ride again
without it. Thanks so much Jackie.

Di Hopkins

Thanks for the opportunity to purchase one of your safety vests. The timing could not have been any more perfect. My daughter suffered a nasty fall from her baby horse in a freak accident only a week or so after purchasing the vest. The horse came down on the back of her neck as it galloped away, and the doctors and physio have both said that without the vest, Katy would either be in a wheelchair or not have made it through her accident. We are so pleased we bought one. Thank you

Sarah Payne

Great service from Sam who came to my house to help fit my new vest. Im getting the zip in with the very smart show jacket and the stylish blouse. Expensive? Yes and no! Expensive to be out of action for 8 or more weeks. Stupidly I have waited until after breaking my back to order an air vest. Not the way to do it. I had an accident riding a polite horse on the flat . Anyway, safe to say I have promised myself (and my family) never to ride again without an air vest!

Caro Hall

Thanks for showing me
how, it was a doddle to change from show jacket to blouson. The system truly allowed me a sort of horses for courses selection of outerwear unencumbered by a bulky and uninspiring body protector, yet knowing I was absolutely still
protected.  I'm definitely one VERY  "happy camper" Thank
you for all your help.

Lynda Carlton